Electrical & Data Cable Winching is Victoria’s most innovative and experienced cable winching contractor, specialising solely in that area of activity.

Electrical & Data Cable Winching prides itself on getting the job done quickly, efficiently and safely.  Its dedication to serving its client’s best interest is reflected by being able to devise and achieve innovative solutions to difficult problems whether those problems range from difficulty of access to the type of materials to be winched.

Electrical & Data Cable Winching was required to devise innovative solutions to problems in many of the above projects to ensure the overall project work was not delayed and was completed to budget.

Electrical & Data Cable Winching utilises experienced and specialist subcontractors as part of its innovative team to complete the various projects outlined above.

Electrical & Data Cable Winching works to tight timeframes to achieve completion and thereby avoid delays to the whole project.

Its experience in successfully winching all types of cable from the largest to the smallest, from steel armoured to optic fibre cabling, demonstrates its expertise in this specialised area.

It complements its own experience with the expertise and experience of a team of subcontractors and together they provide completion from power source to termination of the cable.

This combined with its total commitment to accommodate difficult site conditions and tight timetables make it the leading independent specialist cable winching contractor in Victoria.